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Welcome to
Church of Kaizen

For devoted toys only.

Now, on your knees, quietly, worship Me!


So you have admired Me from afar and dreamt of the day you can perhaps kneel before Me. This is a playspace where I give you the opportunity to entertain Me through weekly group challenges and personalized tasks for My discerning submissives. Surrender yourself to My guidance, ignite your fantasies with beautifully crafted photo sets and get a little glimpse into My life with selfies and journal entries.  

Enter My world at your own risk—before you know it, you will find yourself molded to My liking and helplessly devoted.

submissive Academy

Fall prey to My power through daily pictures, videos, tasks & priority access to Me.
Dive with Me into your submission journey.
Be Mine.

Mistress's little toy


After thoughtfully  thinking about the best way of training closely My devoted toys, I came with this limitless course on how to be the submissive (or slave!) you are destined to be & how to best serve your Mistress!
you will gain access to My private Discord server with spicy collections of My perverted mind, messages with Me, weekly personalized tasks, group challenges, four Classic Domination sessions of 2hrs each in My Dungeon per month & more! Behave well, keep up with your studies & I will show you the greatest side of being a toy. My little toy.

Peak a boo!


Are you a curious kinkster not yet ready to dive deep? This might be for you. Here you will have access to My private discord server, with all My uncensored pictures, exclusive/taboo videos, POVs & thoughts. you will be able to discuss your deepest desires with Me. Learn more. Get closer. 

Online training

100€/month | one session
150€/month | two sessions

Besides having access to My discord server with all My delicious adventures, messages with Me & weekly tasks, you will receive the privilege of having the opportunity to show your devotion & evolution, get to know Me deeper, with - either one or two - 30min online session per month!

Baby steps


Feeling brave, kinkster?

Here besides having access to My content & messages with Me, you will also receive weekly tasks. Do it well & I might reward you...

The real training

600€/month | two sessions

you will learn who I am & how I expect to be served by you. Each completed task will bring us closer, every glance of Me in the group will make you crave to get lost in time with Me. Beneath Me. Under My control.

Classic Domination 2hrs session included, twice a month.

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