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Frequent Questions

How does the session look?

Sessions are tailored to the rhythm that exists between us & our common interests. Our first meeting will be a phone call interview and will include a discussion of mutual interests. As we progress to private sessions, we will explore comfort levels together and they can be modified accordingly. I am not a “service Domme” and I do not cater to particular requests, but trust that I will honor and respect your interests and disinterests.

Where can I meet You?

I’m currently based in Lisbon, Portugal and most of the sessions are held on My private studio or at a dungeon of My choice. Sometimes I travel to different cities and countries, join My telegram public group or follow Me on Instagram/Twitter to know where I’ll be next. I can also travel to a chosen city/country on special request. Inquire for more information.

What is the price for session?

The tribute may vary slightly dependent on location, length of session and content so once you receive a reply from Me, if your application is successful, you will be notified the required tribute.


Are Your prices negotiable?

No. I do not  negotiate nor “make trades” for services. I do offer special prices for those who allow Me to film the session to further use on My paid platforms. you can wear a mask, or not. Be aware that you'll be required to sign an image release & bring your ID, of which I'll make a copy to add to your image release. If you have special talents, you may inform Me of them, and perhaps it will raise my interest in your submission. Anyone not willing to pay for My time will not be considered, talents or not. 


Can I come meet you within 30min?

No. I have a busy agenda, I need time to prepare for the session. A notice is required.

Can I have a session for 30min?

Yes, but I recommend staying longer. I need time to tell you how I structured the session, discuss about safe words, hear about your limits. Sometimes you might have to change your attire and/or freshen up and those 30min are gone. If you are frequent client of Mine on time and ready for play, 1hr is good. For a successful BDSM session, I need at least 2hr once aftercare is extremely important and depending on the session, you might need to take a quick shower. Remember, you’ll arrive and leave at the agreed time. For a good session, I will recommend 1.5/3hrs.

Which practices do You offer?

I’m very open minded, I truly enjoy almost all the practices from the FemDom & kinky world. All the practices I offer bring Me arousement and excitement.

Some examples "here".

Do You smoke?

I do not smoke tobacco.

I do engage in smoking fetish & I do love human ashtrays!


What are Your taboos/hard limits?

The practices that I will not perform at all are listed "here".


Will You do something from your taboo/hard limits list if I pay more?


Do You offer sexual services?

NO, absolutely not. you will not be offered anything in terms of sexual pleasure from Me nor will you be sexually pleasuring Me in anyway. This includes rimming, milking, hand jobs & oral sex. My sessions are pure, addictive Female Domination.

Do You ever get naked or topless during the session?

No. Clothed Female, naked male (CFNM) is My go for dress code for the session.

How extreme You can be?

I can easily give you the hardest time of your life, if you politely ask me to do it. But careful with what you wish for, I am a true sadist.


Do You meet newbies? Do You offer soft sessions too?

Novices as well as experienced practitioners are welcome to apply to serve Me. I am well versed in various levels of intensity and together we can establish the proper protocols for exploring your limitations and uncovering your hidden desires and / or perversions.  Not all sessions need to be extreme or painful. Sessions can range from casual encounters with non-judgmental discussions of your perversions, discovery of your sensation interests and limits, obedience or kink training. As a Domina with holistic and therapeutic approach, I can also take your practice to a deeper level of surrender that will drastically awaken and liberate in ways that allow you to drop into subspace.  

Do you offer sessions for couples?

Yes, of all genders and orientations.

Do You use safe words during a session?

Pain is a uniquely human indulgence. Positive reinforcement is how I taught my slaves and submissives to associate pain with a reward. They know the difference between good pain and bad pain. When bad pain comes in scene, they will say 'pineapple' (or the agreed safe word) and I'll stop. Safe words are extremely important to any BDSM play. I'm a sadist, I'll always get off from all the screaming and pain I'm causing, if a submissive/slave says "please stop", I'll just keep going. But when the safe word comes up, I'll ALWAYS stop. Don't be afraid of using your safe word with me, our sessions are meant to build trust, push the limits, but only to the point you can still take it, I don't want to (bad) hurt you without knowing it. Having a safe word is about building trust, giving both of us confidence - and that's the foundation to a good D/s relationship. All my sessions follow SSC - safe, sane and consensual & RACK - risk aware consensual kink.


Can I be your personal slave?

99.9% of such inquiries are from men who simply don’t want to pay for sessions.

I only accept personal slaves from among regular, frequent clients and on top of that you have to prove to Me that you are reliable, respectful, and generous. Also, I have to like you. If you're looking to be a personal slave because you can't afford sessions, I am not the Domina for you. If you're a regular client who would enjoy serving Me in a personal capacity on top of our sessions, you might be exactly what I'm looking for. you should understand that Servitude is an act of love and submission for your Mistress. If I accept you as a personal slave, do not expect free play or constant attention while you perform your tasks. It does not replace session fees for My time. I do not barter nor make trades, so do not insult Me by making any such assumption. 

Examples of Servitude that would please Me include:

  • Domestic / Maid (cleaning, ironing, and so on)

  • Errands (grocery shopping, and so on)

  • Financial (paying bills, sponsoring classes or trainings, buying items I need or want)

  • Car/Taxi Service, Driving

  • Event Servant (Butler, waiter, cleaner)

  • Handyman (fixing or building things for me)

  • Professional (legal, administrative)


I have a specific scripted scene/fantasy in mind. Can I apply?

No, I am a Dominatrix, not an actress. I will always operate within our mutual interests but I decide upon the structure of the session and will not follow a script. I do like to sometimes adopt certain role play characters such as Teacher/Student or Policewoman/Criminal if this is of mutual interest but again the scenario will be decided upon by Me.

I want to serve You but don't have the time to visit Lisbon, what do I do?

I will occasionally accept invitations for longer sessions at a suggested location, if it is to My liking. This is a great option if you are unable to travel to see Me but also not mind the additional cost of flying Me to you. These inquiries are especially welcome if the location is new and exciting to Me, or it includes visiting new BDSM venues and exploring them together. Communication is to be short and succinct and all negotiations should be finalized within three emails. My visit will be at least 2 days (or longer) though I do understand you may not be available for the whole time.

Bear in mind these will always include covering My full 24h+ fee, first/business class airfare, transportation cost and 5 star accommodation so only reach out if this fits your budget as it is not a small expense and deposit will be expected at the time of booking.

Do You offer online sessions?

As well as primarily offering Professional in person Domination sessions, I offer online Domination sessions via skype | whatsapp | signal. It's ideal for those submissives/slaves who cannot see Me as much as they should wish due to commitments such as family or work, and also a great way to introduce yourself to the kink world if you are anxious of taking the first big step to attend a professional in person session, or even to find out more about how kink works with Me and get to know Me on a more personal level than an email exchange prior to an in person session booking. The tribute must be paid in full in the moment of the booking.If you want to watch My femdom content, CLICK HERE. 

I have my own outfits, toys, shoes and so on, can I bring them?

Sure! Feel free to show Me all your kinky toys. However, it is Me who decides whether we will use them or not.

Can I bring You a gift?

I thrive and delight in being pampered and love to be spoiled with gifts. The following is a guide to simplify your selections, and to help you find ways in which to please Me. My size is typically 2/3XL, 110/115DD and shoe size is 5.5UK or 38,5EU.  I love latex, and black or transparent black is always My go to color for anything, leather is always welcome. More ways of catching My attention on Start your Journey!

Can I come a bit early/late for our session?

No. If you come earlier, you’ll be waiting for the session on the street. The time we agreed is the time you’re paying for, therefore you can’t be late, otherwise you’ll pay more and play less. Be respectful towards My time.


Can I park my car there?

Yes. You can park in front of the studio or in the streets nearby.


Can I meet You for longer than overnight/overday session?

Yes, you can. The maximum is 7 days, if you wish to know more information, send Me an email.


What content has your loyalfans | paid platforms?

It is the only place I answer to DMs, so there's the possibility of writing to Me about your fetishes and desires, seeing pictures and videos from My favorite FemDom practices with slaves, teasing videos, voice commands, weekly tasks, lives & much more!


I Want Clips


I saw pictures with slaves on your social media, will You take pictures with me?

No photography and videos are allowed, unless requested beforehand and/or if you’re one of My filming slaves. Phones and recording devices must be put away during sessions.

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