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Our encounter

It’s completely natural to be nervous or even anxious but don’t worry. We have all been there.  you might feel yourself shaking slightly with nerves and excitement, yet the thought of putting your mind and body in My hands provides you a sense of calm.


When we finally meet, you’ll be consumed by the unquenchable desire to please Me. Once you enter My world, your body, mind, thoughts, needs and desires become all Mine, you will kneel before Me, helpless, vulnerable, exposed. you'll feed My creativity word by word, by sharing your darkest wishes. We will bond through our shared fantasies, in the session you are not allowed to do anything without asking for permission and receiving the said permission, I will give you orders, if you can fulfill it up to My high standards, then I might reward you. If you fail, if you disappoint Me, I will punish you.


you will surrender, relaxed and aroused, far away from your hectic life. your only worry now is remaining present, pleasing Me and allowing Me to use you and abuse you in any way I see fit. If you do everything the way you should, My goal will be completed, you will leave My world knowing a new side of you and walk away from this experience feeling like you know yourself better and counting the minutes till you meet Me again...

In a hidden corner of the sunny city, between the shadow of the Portuguese architecture, you will find your oasis under My feet


Bellow you will find information on My sessions, such as availability, tributes, fetishes, limits & more!



I am available most of the days for sessions in My own fully equipped Dungeon in the Lisbon city center. In My play space you will find bondage equipment, feminization props and much much more. I have a wide range of high quality dildos and strap-ons of all sizes, corporal punishment implements, chastity devices, ropes, CBT equipment of all sorts.

I maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. The whole space is fully sanitized and cleaned after each session. I only use high quality, non toxic disinfectant products. 

I am open to visit other Portuguese cities & countries. Below you will find all My away dates. Unless a date is stated here, I am most likely available in Lisbon. Here you will always find an up-to-date calendar of My upcoming tours. In the meantime I am available for exclusive Fly Me To You bookings across the globe, subject to conditions. For more information, contact Me.​​



Below, you will find a list of My interests & skills. For Me to accept your request, we need to have common interests, this doesn’t mean you have to be able or willing to take it all or even most. As long as your interests don’t go beyond My limits, it is fine. I will not perform anything that is unsafe, illegal or things that I am not skilled in. I will also do not accept sessions based on practices that I do not enjoy.

Some examples:​

slave & submissive training (orders, routine implementation, tasks, behavioral modification)

Total exchange of power (complete control and authority over the submissive in all areas and at all times, limits might be negotiated if necessary)

​Bondage (restraint, restriction, shibari, mummufication)

Impact play (spanking, slapping, caning, flogging, bastinado) 

Anal play (anal training, butt plugs, pegging happens as a reward for good behaviour)

Sensation play (using tools such as feathers, a paddle, burlap, tickle torture, electro


Sensory deprivation (blindfolds, earmuffs, ear plugs)

Humiliation play (verbal, wearing specific clothing, degradation, cleaning something dirty with your mouth, spiting, human furniture, human ashtray, JOI, CEI, small penis humiliation)

Worship (the submissive/slave is only allowed to touch the body part - such as feet - by licking, sucking, and/or kissing. Ex.: foot worship, nylon fetish, trampling, latex/rubber worship & care, hair fetish, leather worship)

Chastity (cock cage/chastity belt, orgasm denial)

Feminization (sissification, pegging, cock cage)

Coerced bi

Financial domination (human ATM, cash meets, consensual blackmail, budgeting, gifts)

CBT or pussy torture (wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, electro stimulation, kneeling or kicking)

Consensual non-consensuality (kidnapping, RACK)  

Couples (I absolutely adore playing with couples, regardless of their gender & sexual orientation)

Women (cisgender men are far from being the sole focus of My desires, I love playing with women, as well as people of all genders)

Long kink Role-Play sessions

Soft sessions

Tease & denial (edgeplay, tie and tease)

Breath control (suffocation, smothering, clothed facesitting)

Nipples/breasts torture (nipple clamps, electro stimulation, impact play, sensation play, vacuum pump)

Torture (tickle torture, smothering, corporal punishment, extended confinement or imprisonment)

Objetification (human furniture, financial domination)

Household servitude/house slave

Service (be at My back & call. Exist to please Me)

Pet play (animal like behaviour, collar/leash/harness, training exercises, eating/drinking from bowls, caging)

Adult baby 

Dates (shopping, spas, fine dining, travel companion, public humiliation)

Kinky Role-play (boss & employee, doctor/nurse & patient, prison guard & inmate, teacher & student)

Wax play (dripping hot wax on the body) 

Objectification (human furniture)

Sploshing (arousing messy food experience)

Golden shower 

Brown shower

After care 


If your special fetish is not on this list, but it's also not a hard limit, mention it on your inquiry!


Hard limits

A hard limit is something that must not be done. It is off limits. 

I will not change My mind, so do NOT ask Me to perform these things as it is disrespectful.

Heavy medical play. I'm NOT ok with permanent damage.

Ruby showers

My nudity


Worship/contact of any part of My body that is typically covered by a bikini.


x Racial play (completely OK with religion play!)

Any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual (this includes giving or receiving oral sex).

Playing without a safeword

Escort services

Orders for clothing. I am not a doll for you to dress. A pleasant way of communicating your interest for certain clothing item or style is by mentioning your interest on it, so you can be sure that, as long as your interests are aligned with My style, I will honor them.

Scripts. Scripted scenes stunt My creativity and bores Me. However, I do enjoy role-play in which roles and the setting are pre-determined but I lead the scene and what happens within it.




As a professional Dominatrix, I aim to create unique experiences for both of U/us.

I build each session according to O/our interests in common and the goal of the session, which can be experimenting new fetishes, expanding limits, training & much more, always taking in consideration the limits and limitations involved.

To know what can happen in O/our session & what won't happen, read My fetishes & Limits.

For Me, Dominance is beyond the playroom. During My 10+ years of experience as a Domme, I've developed different ways of conducting sessions and being served by My faithful submissives and slaves & also by curious kinksters and newbies.

Below you will find all the modalities.

Classic Domination

Newbie or experienced, together we will explore vulnerability, power and roles in a safe environment allowing you to express yourself fully, as you truly are & to embrace yourself without judgments.

in My private Lisbon studio | 30min minimum

outcalls | 2hrs minimum

Classc domination


You will be teased discreetly, perhaps even locked in chastity beforehand, give you little tasks to perform to arouse Me and make you suffer for My pleasure… Then led into My lair for an evening of debauchery.

24hrs in total | 1 pm arrival - 1pm finish | 8hrs of interrupted sleep in confinement | 



It is completely normal to feel nervous, especially if it is your first time. I do offer in-person consultations or meet and greets, such as meetings for tea, cakes & chats. 

Servitude Slavery
Out of the dungeon

Out of the Dungeon experiences

Dinner/Lunch Domination

We will get to know each other properly before play begins. The success of our time together depends on these moments of honesty and discussion, the more I know about you, better it will be - I will know exactly how to reward you, as well as exactly how to punish you before desert! To reach subspace and a higher state of mind, it all starts with a simple conversation.

4hrs in total | you'll provide for the transportation & the bill 

Shopping trip

Spoil Me & you

120€/h | +  you'll provide for the transportation & shopping expenses

Fly Me to you

I'm available for exclusive domestic and international travel. I delight in traveling and would be happy to hop on a plane and meet you somewhere, as long as it's first class...

Special conditions apply, inquiry!

FlyMe to you

Rules of Conduct | The fine print


When contacting Me, communicate in a respectful & civilized manner. I will not tolerate rudeness or demands.​

When contacting Me provide Me with as much information about yourself, your interests & limits.

I only reply to well written, detailed requests. Do not be surprised about not getting a reply if you’ve written ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘I want to be your slave Mistress!’. I am selective with whom I play with and will readily refuse a request if it’s not to My liking. Do NOT inquiry about My limits, I will blacklist you.

As a Dominant, I am responsible for your health & well being during a session. Do not forget to mention any health limitations & hazards or past illness history that you might have. This is CRUCIAL for your safety.

I will always respect your limits & ask you to do the same. Do not ask Me to perform anything that is stated as a HARD LIMIT. This is disrespectful towards Me but also yourself.


I am generally available Monday - Saturday | 9am - 9pm. Sunday is My day off unless there is an enticing tribute along with a very good reason why I should reconsider. 


I require a notice to arrange a session, requests starting with “I would like to have a session today” rarely will be granted - I am very busy. But you might be lucky...


Deposit is required on all sessions. This is a standard practice to avoid time wasters and will not be negotiated. For purposes of discretion, I offer multiple anonymous payment methods.

The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a meeting in the future if you notify Me a minimum of 24h prior to the appointment. The new date must be within four weeks from the original date. If you need to reschedule more than once, you will be asked to pay a deposit again.

The deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full if I need to cancel our appointment from My side and you cannot or do not wish to set a new date.

Special requests

If you believe your kink requires equipment that is not available in the studio, let Me know. I will be happy to buy it for our session as long as you are willing to pay.


Outfit ‘requests’. I am not a doll for you to dress. I take pride in My style in fetish fashion & if you like what you see in My pictures you will surely appreciate what I choose for O/our session. A polite way of communicating your interests is mentioning you are latex or boot fetishist. If you have a specific role play in mind, be aware of the clothing expenses. I craft the experiences individually to each submissive so you can be sure that as long as your interests are in line with My style I will honor them.


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