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Chastity 101

Chastity is the act of refraining yourself from any sexual acts. In bdsm it’s used as a form of orgasm control,  preventing the submissive to engage in any acts without the Dominant’s permission. Chastity devices can be used by both men & women. It’s a form of implementing discipline, self control, a way of making something ordinary special again.

We live in a world where sexual gratification can be almost instant, self pleasure can be brought with the help of billions of videos made with the intent of giving pleasure, intimate toys made from the highest tech available in the market. Many apps bring the promise of love & lust. Pleasure is everywhere. Pleasure is easy. When a submissive decides to give up control of their sexuality to their Dominant, they are choosing to go against society’s instant gratification, to put sexuality aside and focus the newly fount energy to improve themselves with the help of their trusted Dominant. Oh, that energy! Not many things are as powerful as learning how to channel sexual energy into self improvement.

I, Mistress Kaizen, am known as a key holder, the Dominant responsible for the submissive’s chastity key, and more importantly, their sexuality itself. As a disciplinarian, all My locked toys are kept under a restrict schedule. Hygiene is important no matter how long the submissive will be locked. Clean it well before, during and after. If we’re engaging in short term chastity, you might be able to use a plastic device, but if it will be on for longer than 24hrs… Metal is the material of choice. Some cock cages are fully closed, keeping what it’s holding away & locked. Some are made of strings, making it easier to do the daily hygienic routine. I expect My toys to be clean, implying that sometimes, the cage will be unlocked, but it doesn’t mean that My submissive is allowed to pleasure. To make sure the hygienic process is completed & My desires obeyed, My locked toys either 1 - come to the dungeon to do it in My presence, 2 - have a smart lock box holding the emergency key, so they video call (or tape!) for the temporary passcode, then unlock, clean and lock again. Pleasure can came as a form of reward for good behavior or for My own sadistic entertainment. I delight in long term chastity, the way My little toys trust Me the control over their sexuality, the improvements they make, the ruined orgasms along the way… It’s one of the best bonding experiences a D/s relationship can have! My favorite part is the ceremony, the promises, the surrender, the commitment, it can be online or in person, the moment is unforgettable either way. you handling Me your keys, sometimes in the moment, sometimes arriving in the mail… Just then to adorn My neck & be close to My heart, a way of showing how special your submission, your chastity, is to Me.

The long tease & denial I so much desire.

Want to be fully Mine?

Visit to apply & select chastity.

Can’t wait to own you.

Mistress Kaizen is a professional Dominatrix based in Lisbon, Portuhal and key holder engaging in chastity play.  She’s the epítome of femdom.
Chastity in bdsm


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