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  • Mistress Kaizen

Forced bi & cuckolding sessions | Lisbon

I know you’ve been fantasizing about it.

you do what you can to distract yourself from your own desires, but it always come back.

Hunting you.

This is what happens when you deny yourself, when you ignore nature’s call. No matter how hard you try, the thought of being on your knees, forced to suck superior cock for My entertainment, makes your mouth water. Every single time.

Must be torturous to bury your own lust.

Why are you torturing yourself?

When you can surrender to Me!

Lucky you, now it’s possible to make it happen. you have the chance to explore your forced bi & cucky desires in a safe space, under My guidance, serving Me & Mr. Superior Cock. How? The possibilities are endless. Apply here to Our plaything & find out!

The sessions are held on My own fully equipped dungeon in Lisbon.

Join My discord server to take a glimpse in My Domination style & how I treat My toys.

Join My public telegram channel for news & samples of My content.

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