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March updates on your Mistress

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Hello My lovely kinksters & Happy new moon!

I hope you all had a beautiful month filled with deviant desires and delicious doings! For those of you who may not know, I took a well-deserved vacation mid-February. My time off offered Me some much needed perspective in regard to My upcoming projects within the BDSM community along with the importance & healing aspects of My D/s relationships.

Other highlights of these past moons include a long term deeply psychological confinement with sub F who became My canvas for 48hrs. He knew from the beginning that I had him rendered entirely helpless, in every sense of the word. I saw him breaking, layer by layer, until there was nothing else to expose, a blank canvas waiting for creation. And so, I created. he handled it so well. Physically & emotionally. “Mistress, I'm in peace” . Additionally, I got to explore an intense hypnosis scene with sub L for our third time together. There were some challenging times as we got closer to healing heavy emotional wounds as I guided him. I’m so proud of how open and vulnerable he presented himself. When the session ended, in the middle of tears, he gave Me a big hug & asked for permission to take Me to the yummest vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon. Nourishing our bodies was such a sweet after care…

I’m excited to share that upon My return to routine, I received a very thoughtful invitation to participate in an episode of ConSensual Podcastto talk about My work as a kink educator, BDSM journeys & safe practices. It’s in Portuguese, up on Instagram, spotify & the usual places. I had so much fun sharing My thoughts and knowledge with Simas and his listeners!

Now, availability for sessions in March! First and foremost, due to My upcoming projects regarding the creation of online Fem Dom content for My platforms, My availability for bookings throughout the upcoming month will be less flexible. At this point, it is extremely rare that I have any last minute availability so do your homework and request a session with at least 24hrs notice through My website as My schedule is already filling up.

Consequently, I will be prioritizing sessions with subs interested in long term servitude and/or being used for filming content for My platforms and social media with the option of wearing a mask. Have in mind that both regulars & filming subs have special tributes and it is mandatory for filming subs to bring the ID + sign an image release. Click here to book a session!

I hope March will be kind to you! I know that I am personally struggling as we are all experiencing a profound degree of collective traumawith the ongoing political news that is taking its toll on our health and our spirits.This will not last forever. We will laugh together under the sun once again. Hold tightand ask for support when needed.

Mistress Kaizen

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