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  • Mistress Kaizen

wrong answer = punishment (for dumbies)

It’s dark, so dark. your eyes are opened but yet, you cannot see a thing. Why is that, you wonder. your senses are working their best but it’s not enough for an answer. you try to move, but your hands & feet are being held by something cold. Is it a chair?

Seconds feel like an eternity.

By far, you hear the sound of My heels dancing on the wood floor. Coming closer, and closer, so that you can even smell My intoxicating & seductive parfum.

“Are you ready for some questions, dumbie?”

your heartbeat goes up, you cannot see because I’m not allowing you to. you’re tied up because that’s how I want you to be. Blindfolded & vulnerable. you say “yes, Mistress”.

I laugh. I know you’re not ready for what’s coming.

“I’ll ask a question, if you answer correctly, which is very unlikely, I’ll spare you, dumbie. If your answer is incorrect, I’ll punish you, and you’ll not know the punishment until it is too late.”

you know how much I get of from punishing stupid subs.

you’ve been there before.

“First question! What’s the lifespan of a pig?”

you try your best and “10 years?”

you know that’s incorrect, you never get anything right. Such a stupid loser. Seems like you want Me to punish you. your heart is racing, not knowing what to expect. you cannot move. your hands and feet are tied up. your eyes are opened and you cannot see.

“WRONG! The correct answer is: as long as his Mistress allows him to live!”

I laugh hard.

you're always such a disappointment.

Before you can even begin to process the inevitable, it hits you.

(to be continued in My dungeon…)

If you want to be My dumbie & find out which punishment I have in mind for you, book a session with Me.

Mistress Kaizen is a professional Dominatrix | pro Domme | professional Domina, Kink Educator & Mentor based in Lisbon, Portugal.


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